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Need our assistance? We’re glad to help. Please review our search process below before submitting the Request Form

If you contact us through our web site or on social media about a case and do not follow up with us, we will not accept your case. Many times family members contact us as soon as their loved one goes missing and that is all we hear from the reporting source. We will not chase down the reporting source to gain a case. We are a small group and vet every case as quickly as possible. If you contact us on the families behalf, please have the families permission to contact us with their information. We ask that the family file a missing person report prior to contacting Geaux Rescue.

Gather the following information prior to contacting Geaux Rescue:

1. 5 photos
   a. Most recent photo possible
   b. Photos of any vehicle they may be in
   c. Photos with different hair styles or with/without facial hair

2. Current physical description
   a. Height
   b. Weight
   c. Hair color
   d. Clothing description

3. Missing persons cell phone number and social media accounts  

4. Law Enforcement contact information

5. There will be more questions tailored to each case

*** If you have a missing loved one that has a health issue (Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Autistic) contact us immediately!!! DO NOT WALK IN WOODS OR AROUND THE AREA. Doing so can ruin tracks. If we cannot respond in a timely manner, we will coach you through the initial search and on how to set a perimeter. ***

Contact Geaux Rescue either through our website (form below) or social media (QUICKER RESPONSE)

When we receive the request, we will contact the reporting source (preferably the person that made the report).
Once we have contacted the reporting source we will evaluate whether or not Geaux Rescue can assist in a case. We do not necessarily need law enforcement approval to enter a case, however we will contact the lead investigator to inform them we will be assisting. That being said, if foul play is suspected we will not take a case unless law enforcement approves. If at any time during the case foul play is suspected we will stop the search and wait for permission from law enforcement to continue the case.

A few cases that we typically do not take on are Cold Cases, Runaways or Voluntarily Missing. Geaux Rescue is a small group with limited money and resources. Cold cases take a lot of time and money to work. According to many studies 77% of runaways return home within a week. Do not hesitate to contact Geaux Rescue as we may be able to assist you in other ways.


Be forthcoming with all information. If the reporting source or family withholds information from Geaux Rescue we will terminate the search. Withholding information not only delays locating the missing person but waste our time

Geaux Rescue does not set a limit on the length we will search for a person. When searching in the field we typically will search for three days or until further leads give us a new area to search. Although we are not actively on the ground or in boats searching we will continue to search via social media and other means.

Geaux Rescue does not charge for its services. Geaux Rescue DOES NOT start ANY donation accounts to pay for searches. All cost are incurred by the founder. That is why we limit the ground searches to three days. If the family request Geaux Rescue to continue searching with no leads we will discuss other options at that point.

Geaux Rescue searches depend on each situation. At times less is better. We do not use or advocate the use of ATV’s for any search. They can destroy tracks and if someone is injured the noise of the ATV can cover the voice of an injured person. The family is a big part of each search. We are a small group and rely on family, their friends and the community to conduct searches. We will not allow immediate family (Husband/Wife, Children or Biological Parents) to be involved in the search on the ground.

We have a great team that floods social media and other platforms to get the word out that the person is missing. We have contacts with various media outlets and schedule press releases and conferences for family members and search leaders. The electronic search continues long after the ground search has been put on standby.

Geaux Rescue WILL NOT search at night! The main reason is safety. If any of our searchers get hurt or become missing during a case that impedes our search and brings it to a halt. The second reason is so our searchers can rest. Being hurt or fatigued does no one any good. Any volunteer found to be searching at night will not be used for ANY future cases no questions asked.

During certain cases we will take over the families contact with anyone outside immediate family and friends. There is enough stress for the family during times like these and being contacted by media, stay at home investigators, psychics and others only makes matters more stressful. We suggest not accepting friend requests from anyone during the search including those that assist Geaux Rescue with searches. We will create, update, monitor and run social media pages for families to keep everyone up to date on the search efforts.

Again NO ONE is allowed to accept, talk about or report on cases unless permission is given by George or Cody!

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