Our volunteers gathering supplies

Geaux Rescue cannot exist without volunteers. The number one requirement to be a volunteer is “wanting to do the right thing the right way”. The desire to help out your fellow man in time of need. We want to stand out above other teams and will ask for you to complete simple training on-line.

Volunteer Positions

  • For hurricane rescues we are looking for people with flat bottom boats (larger than 16’ is preferred), large trucks, and chain saw experience. We are also in need of additional rescuers to assist with boat operations and transportation to shelters. For water searches we need people with boats that are suited for the areas we will be conducting searches (i.e. center console boat for off shore, it is dangerous to allow a flat bottom or small inflatable to assist).
  • For land and ground searches anyone is welcome. Some of the areas we search may be heavily wooded, hilly and or swampy.
  • During a natural disaster, as a dispatcher you are the first step to being rescued for the person in need. This can be accomplished from your home or place of work, anywhere in the world. You will receive the call for assistance (from either social media, this web site or Crowd Resource Rescue) and fill out all the required information on the request form prior to dispatching. Once you dispatch, the dispatcher will stay in contact with the persons in need until the case is verified as closed.
  • During other searches, the dispatcher will coordinate and track the search team.
  • As a DCA you will assist in setting up, organizing donations and unloading trucks.

Required Training

Geaux Rescue wants to stand out from other volunteer rescue groups. We will give priority to those that have completed FEMA ICS trainings and other types of rescue training. By conducting these trainings, we can register with national registries that will give Geaux Rescue access to areas that other groups are not. We want all of our volunteers to conduct operations safely and professionally. These trainings will ensure that we all come home safe and help out those in need in a professional manner.

ICS 100 Training